The Bo Diddley Beat


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  1. Del says:

    Mono by Quicksilver Messenger Service

  2. William Storey says:

    The origin of this rhythm started with an African instrument called “The Didley bow”. It was basically a one string instrument consisting of a stick in a gourd with one string and used primarily as a rhythm instrument and the most common rhythm was what is now called the Bo Diddly rhythm. And yes, The guitarist Bo Diddley derived his stage name from that instrument.

  3. Barry Cobb says:

    Excellent lesson Griff, and a great and timeless groove. Thanks.

  4. Fred Brown says:

    Great lesson! Brought back memories of my high school days! We played the song BO Diddley any back then. I forgot about it till I saw your lesson today! I got to dig that song out of the closet and see if I can still play it! Thanks!

  5. Stephen says:

    Shave and a Haircut, two bits 😉

  6. Rod says:

    Thank you so much Griff! I have wanted to know how to do this for many years and it always eluded me. I could get roughly the right sound using all down strokes and getting my hand to move at the right time, but I knew that was not the right or best way to do it.

  7. Chris CLEMANS says:

    I just went and tried it like in your video lesson . It took just a few mins to get it down its a little ruff but i just need to get the timing on track ok iam pumped

  8. Chris CLEMANS says:

    Hi Griff
    That was excellent I have the album the first US Hot 100 AUGUST 1958 WILLIE and the.HAND JIVE the JOHNNY OTIS SHOW on my prime
    file . my sister used to do the dance to it way back then I believe she had the 45 my band in high SChool played it 1963. I jam along with my harmonica to the great hamonica player MARK HUMMEL on my music list my wife and I met him at the belly up tavern here in san diego he showed me which harp to use he has a killer insturmental version Now I will have to see if I can remember it on my guitar yahoo. Thanks agin Griff

  9. Chris G says:

    Griff, you mentioned some 80’s bands doing this beat. You may not know that the Stones did “Mona” back in ’64. Check it out on YouTube.

    • Chris G says:

      And I had no sooner hit “submit” when I realised that those same Rolling Stones also did “not fade away” with the same beat. And that sent me back to the Buddy Holly original – he does it with a slightly different pattern but it still has the same feel.

  10. brokinbo says:

    you recently sent a video of Eric Clapton playing “Crossroads” with a Bo Diddley beat. cool stuff

  11. Dennard says:

    I feel almost famous. Thx Gruff. A real fun groove.

  12. anthony p szydlo says:

    I went to Y T says Johnny Otis was the first . It did not mention Bo Didly this is very easy to learn . With further search I may find it has been around for decades . Jive and Jibe later.

  13. Interstate slim says:

    Thanks Griff, I have this course and it’s very helpful. Enjoy your day

  14. Dwayne says:

    Thanks again for another great lesson. Your the best.

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