How To Hear And Figure Out Chords And Rhythm By Ear And Play Along...


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4 responses to “How To Hear And Strum Chord Progressions – ASO”

  1. John Simpson says:

    Love your straightforward, clear description of how this works. Greatly simplified it in such a way as I’ll actually remember it.

  2. Rodney Burton says:

    Great teaching

  3. J. Serna says:

    I have to say that I really enjoy the way you teach. You make to where One can understand well.
    BUT, being honest, you say to much without saying much of what you haven’t already said. I guess, repetitive would be the word. It makes you are trying take to llloonngg to want to keep watching And hearing. Just my opinion. I’ll keep watching though, I have actual learned quit a bit from your site so, Thank You.

  4. Clark Wilkinson says:

    This vid made perfect sense of what I have been trying to do but never understood why it seems to work.

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