How To Hear And Figure Out Chords And Rhythm By Ear And Play Along...


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16 responses to “How To Hear And Strum Chord Progressions (Members)”

  1. Clive Farthing says:

    Great video that gave me a different slant on playing by ear thanks.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Truly one of the best lessons you’ll ever get for free!
    A key will always unlock a door.
    Grif makes what seems almost impossible – feel sensible.
    You can have a small piece of theory, a tasty slice of rhythm and just a touch of genius (Grif) – put it all together and you’re cooking…

  3. Jim Evans says:

    What you have shown today co insides with where I am at in my progression. You have reinforced my understanding of music at this point. For that I am great-full.


  4. Drake J. says:

    Thanks Griff; I wish someone would have shown me that when I first started out playing ! You did mention other tunnings, also on the songs on the radio, or recordings, they speed them up , or slowed them down ! Now they are also using a lot of open tunnings !I was only shown 6 chords when I started out ! They were C F G7, E A B7 ! So I had to learn my own way ! I use the major, or minor chords, till I find the right ones ! What I did back then was got a Mel Bay chord book, it had 500 chords in it, which I learned, and proceeded from there ! Your way would have been much easier ! Thanks !

  5. dale says:

    thanks Griff, really appreciate the time you spend teaching. love your lessons. this is very good info and sometimes seems hard to apply, like you said some groups used different tunings. but I have found using your method you can get close. thanks again and please keep the great lessons coming….

  6. tony says:

    This lesson is a real good one for anyone struggling . Griff you are totally corect about the internet being a not so good place to find music written out. One place for sure i know of because its from poeple with their own ideas of how it is done . there are places to look that are reallyt good . sorry poeple you will have to find out on your ownto where it is best to get demos or music . deffinatly try this method because it is one of the best ways . I have yet to find brown eyed girl done well by anyone execpt the example here. c ya 9 years and still going here!!!!

  7. Chuck says:

    You have a gift, my friend, for teaching. I never thought I had an ear for chords. Turns out I can do it after all. Thank you!!

  8. jim says:

    Great lesson, Griff! You probably just taught about 5000 people how to learn songs without sheet music! Sheet music companies are not going to be happy!

  9. Legoge47 says:

    There is a song called “The Horse” backed with “Love is Alright” by Cliff Nobles that the record was pressed off center. How would one play along with that? Check it out onYouTube.

    • Mark from Murrieta says:

      “The Horse” vamps back and forth from an A# and Gm, the turn around breaks to Dm to Cm to Gm.

      Guitar 1 is playing a funk style chord (think James Brown) over the A# to Gm roots while the second guitar is playing a cool lead thing (over the A# to Gm) over and over again.

      I worked this out using Griff’s examples and the CAGED System. Might not be perfect but it’s a start to working it out.

      Cool song. Remember this from grade school.

  10. Bill Roth says:

    Something just “clicked” on this one Griff. Thanks as always for a well explained lesson!!

  11. Sean Drummond says:

    Was an old hand, back in the day, at lifting and dropping the needle on the record over and pver to figure out the chords, (while my sister screamed at me to just let it play thorugh) but the theory part of this lesson greatly reduces that sort of guess work. Makes it a much easier job to figure out the chords. Marvelous stuff, and yes, magic until you know how its done. Thanks, Griff.

  12. Prairie Wind says:

    What a useful and practical lesson. Thanks Griff.

  13. mark Hermanson says:

    okay, this almost made sense to me,maybe another two or three watches

  14. Thanks so much for this lesson. For me it is probably THE most helpful video yet and I have saved it to favorites just in case I need to refer to it again in the future. Great stuff Griff.

    • Derek Budd says:

      Absolutely incredible lesson. I understand chord construction having learnt to play the piano a while back However I have never seen how to figure out the chords in a song explained so clearly. Thanks Griff.

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