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15 responses to “SRM Video 3”

  1. Adrian says:

    The first two lessons of this strumming sequence were great. Stuff I really needed to know since this is mostly what I do. This one though, I don’t get. I loved the sequence at the end but how to get there…. Just keep practicing and watching the video I guess.

  2. so far its great I’m able to keep up. I am left handed so I have to convert to left each time. Mark

  3. David Sempau says:

    Great lesson as usual. For the importance of silence in music, see Sting’s Commencement Address at Berklee, May 15, 1994

  4. Michael Chappell says:

    Hey Griff,

    When you do these fabulous Email Video lessons you should let us all know which BGU Course relates in more detail. I assume the course would be Strumming & Rhythm Mastery. When I purchase a new Acoustic in Aug 2016, I will be looking at this course at that time. All great. Michael-St Andrews-Australia May 2016

  5. Royce says:

    Neat. thanks for the tip.

  6. Stephen Budge says:

    Learning about rest’s have been a part of my playing that I didn’t quite get. Your lesson made it very clear.

  7. JOSE GONZALEZ says:

    Actually, Mel Brooks was doing yet another spoof on the Humphrey Bogart movie classic Treasure of the Sierra Madre. “Baa-jes? We don’t need no steenkin’ baa-jes.” Great movie. And, even greater tutorials on the illusive blues. Thanks Griff for bringing the blues into my home, into my amp n into my heart!!!

  8. Henry Crampton says:

    Hi Griff. Another excellent tutorial, clear concise and well explained.

    Thanks again.

  9. Gene Rife says:

    Fantastic,I really like this.

  10. Ann Linley says:

    Great as always Griff. I love how you explain counting, time, space and rest in music.

  11. bruce says:

    No idea how you got my address but, more of this please.

  12. Paul Warner says:

    This is very good stuff. Some months back I saw a very good guitarist playing a very hot funk rhythm and I tried to copy what he was doing but couldn’t actually figure out his count, and I didn’t give any consideration to the rests. I was working on other stuff so I didn’t put a great deal of effort towards it, but I did save the video and maybe now I can figure out his count. This was one the hottest funk guitar rhythms I had ever heard and it’s on my bucket list to learn it.

  13. The devil is in the details
    Frank Lloyd Wright AIA

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