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19 responses to “SRM Video 2”

  1. Buck Harrison says:

    Great lesson Thanks Griff

  2. John Gerath says:

    For me while working on my strumming patterns this video really helped put things into perspective, thanks.

  3. Bill Carling says:

    We now know how to play nearly every Credence song ever…..

  4. Don Campbell says:

    Alternatively, for the G/C example, just replace the eighth note right before the chord change with a rest (palm mute and play nothing)

  5. Raplh says:

    Very good lesson thanks

  6. geno Mortis says:

    real helping. great lesson thanks

  7. Staggerleon says:

    Awesome lesson again… Can blaze up and down the 5 boxes but without the right timing it all just sounds like scales… This really helps tie it all together… Thanx again Griff.

  8. mike z. says:

    Griff , this is so cool , and really sounds great . I tried it with a few of the songs you listed . I get together once a week with some friends , so I will try it then . Thanks for another great lesson . Mike Z.

  9. tony says:

    yes does sound like a eagles song and a few others . someone here said some are cracker jack players . its really about the timing that made them great . also want to say that some song books out there are really badly written .not even close to the real song .but thats just my opinion.

  10. Legoge47 says:

    How do you keep it straight when to strum and when not to strum?

  11. Legoge47 says:

    Thanks for the lesson!

  12. Henry Crampton says:

    Hi Griff. A very comprehensive tutorial and explained so well. Struggling a bit synchronising strums and chords but constant practice will no doubt have its rewards!

    Thank you.

  13. kevin says:

    This is good stuff thanks for the lesson I drive 4 a living don’t always have time 4 the computer thanks again

  14. Gene Rife says:

    Griff..I really like your method of teaching,please keep it up.Thank you

  15. Bob Rink says:

    Good explanation of the common strumming 4/4 pattern. Are you going to do a video on strumming “cut time?” I just can’t get that right. Also, what about a common strumming for 3/4 time?

  16. Dave Nash says:

    This is really useful stuff by the way. I find it tricky to get the timing right for the “and”s when counting myself. I find it easier to listen and copy.

  17. Dave Nash says:

    Sorry ignore me I got confused between tabs!

  18. Dave Nash says:

    The link the the TAB is wrong – it links to video 2 again. To get the correct tab I think you can copy it and change 2 to 3 and paste it into your browser, eg.

  19. Douglas says:

    much better explination why we do silent strumming.

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